Collect and Own Some Unique and Unusual British Corgi Toy Cars

Why not start collecting eccentric British Corgi toy cars. Along with other strange British traditions like fish and chips or big red buses, Corgi has produced a range of unusual and unique British diecast cars and never ceases to amaze me that every facet of UK life has been covered down the years. If you just beamed down from Mars and didn’t know the first thing about the UK, then just look up Corgi toy cars in Google and look at the range of results and information on the products that is available about this toy car manufacturer.
Corgi’s history has been well documented and I’m not going into it here but I will point out some of the unique features about the Corgi trucks and cars which I think are uniquely British. The models made around TV programs and films are a reflection of this:

Inspector Morse’s Jaguar – an eccentric English police detective, Mr Bean’s Mini – one of the most eccentric British TV characters of all, followed closely by Basil Fawlty, who has a Corgi model with a figure of him hitting his Austin 1100 car with a tree branch. Jon Pertwee’s Dr Who had a vintage car called Bessie and not forgetting Del Boy Trotter’s Robin Reliant van from “Only fools and Horses”.

British films were represented by James Bond’s Classic gold Aston Martin DB5 from the Goldfinger movie with the ejector seat, the rear bullet proof armour shield and the wheel spikes and not forgetting Michael Caine’s gang of Italian Job Minis. Who but the mad Brits would drive to Italy to rob a bank in a bunch of Mini getaway cars, all memorable Corgi models from classic movies.
One of my all time favourite Corgi model ranges were in the 70s when we had the Gerry Anderson TV puppet shows. Many of the incredible vehicles designed for those shows were recreated as corgi models: the Captain Scarlet SPV, Lady Penelope’s Fab 1 Rolls, the Joe 90 vehicle, etc. Fantastic corgi models designed specially for these unique British puppet shows.

Corgi cars have recreated some the greatest British characters from the world of TV and film. The more eccentric the character, then the more memorable the cars and the replica models. Long may the tradition continue in corgi toy car collections world wide. The quality of the characters that bred these models will probably never be seen again, so look after these models well, I firmly believe that these unique Corgi toy cars are going to accumulate in value as the years go by.

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