The Basics on the Types of Carp Rods

According to the American Carp Society there are numerous styles of carp rods. They vary greatly from the ones used in the past. They are created to be more efficient and easy to use. It’s all about the ease-of-use for newer products. Today’s version are lighter and stronger than any other. Keep in mind that there is a different type rod for almost every situation.

A carp rod will have it’s own ‘action’ or ‘feel’ that can be broken down into four separate components. These are the properties you should consider before choosing the one that’s right for your angling situation. Such items include the speed of the taper such as fast, medium, or slow, as the specialist version. So what exactly does the taper speed refer to?

A slow taper is also known as through action. This is what anglers refer to as the “softness” of a rod. In translation it means that the anything with through action cannot cast very far away due to the lack of ability to handle a large amount of weight. This is one of the carp rods used for closer fishing or to keep the power of a fish that lunges to a minimum. This type will actually absorb the shock of the lunging action. When a fish is hooked then the end will simply bend over until it reaches the butt of the rod. This is where the terminology “through” comes into the picture. Because it bends “through” the butt.

The medium taper or action is sort of the average of the carp rods. This is the “go-to” piece that is for overall general usage. It control the fish well and allows for a good distance for casting. It’s still not long-distance but you won’t be holding the line next to the boat. These still have plenty of bend ability but not near as much as the slow action.

The fast tape/action are sort of the Tim Allen of carp rods. These are completely capable of supporting themselves for long distance casting and the strong enough to fight with the fish if necessary. One must be sure to set the clutches correctly because there is not nearly the same amount of “give” when it comes to the fish being close at hand. If you’re not sure how to do this then seek out the instructions or an instructor.

Specialist carp rods are just that. They are created for those that are in the professional world of fishing. This lines are stronger and go further than any other in existence. They are made for the competition fishing worlds. It’s all about bringing in the largest and the greatest quantity of fish. These types of rods can do it.

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